Currently, a local newspaper company sells print subscriptions for £9.30 a month and has 2400 subscribers.

Based on a conducted survey, they expect to lose 20 subscribers for each £0.10 increase from the current monthly subscription price.

  1. Complete the following table:
    Price for subscription (£) Number of subscribers Revenue (£)
    9.3 2400 22320
    9.4 2380  

    Let $x$ be the number of £0.10 increases.

  2. Write down the expected number of subscribers sold in terms of $x$.
  3. Prove that the revenue is given by the formula: $R(x)=22320+54x−2x^2$.
  4. What should the newspaper company charge for a monthly subscription in order to maximize the revenue from the print newspaper subscriptions?
Newspaper advertisement for Sylvan Valley News subscription, 1910
CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 North Carolina Digital Heritage Center


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  • newspaper company: groupe de presse
  • subscription: abonnement