DNL’s pizza is one of the most popular in Australia. The table below shows how much it costs to order a medium pizza with different numbers of toppings.

Toppings 0 Toppings 2 Toppings 4 Toppings 5 Toppings
Price medium   $14.67 $17.85 $19.44

From https://www.mathalicious.com/lessons/domino-effect/questions/274



  1. Knowing that every topping costs the same price, how much would you expect to pay for a medium plain cheese pizza (with no toppings)?
  2. How much would you be charged for just one topping?
  3. DNL’s pizza wants to build a new website for selling pizzas online. They must choose between two different ways : either show the price at each step of the order or reveal the price at the end of the process. Which advice would you give to this company?


Version 1 (Laura Killian)

Text and questions:

Version 2 (Jacob Chmielewski)



Additional Vocabulary

  • Topping : garniture
  • To be charged : être facturé